Invite them

The first step towards facilitating your accountant's job by accessing Elorus's capabilities, is to create his own user. You can invite them to be a member of your organization by following the instructions found here. On receiving your invitation, your accountant can create a personal username and password set so as to login to the application and, specifically, your organization's data.

Bulk download of sales & purchases records

Your accountant will be able to download your sales documents and your expenses you have previously recorded in the application, as well as their attachments. Inside the Invoicing menu they can navigate through your purchases and sales documents, their credit notes, and utilize the action "Εxport pdf / attachments to zip file" for selected records (eg 1st quarter sales / purchases). For more instructions please visit the related article.

This way, your accountant will gather your data in no time and proceed to the bookkeeping, without further trouble or communication.

Documents accuracy monitoring

The accountant can run a check on your records for any errors or omissions that' ve might occurred and to notify you in time. Depending on the role your accountant has in Elorus, they can make corrections to your documents (Roles: Personal, Administrator) to ensure their accuracy.

Moreover, they can compare the totals of sales / purchases recorded in Elorus compared to those recorded in your books or look for deviations. Using the Reports menu, your accountant can create purchases / sales document tables, and even tax reports for the current fiscal quarter. Thus, they can shape a complete picture of your financial statement.