Oftentimes, even if your subscription is being automatically renewed, you need to make a payment manually. This usually happens because the credit card originally charged has no balance available or has expired, so you need to register a new one. Or, you need to switch to a different online payments provider (ie. PayPal > Braintree).

Once your subscription's expiration date arrives, the system will attempt to charge you three times over a two-days period. During this time, you can use Elorus normally (provided that you haven't reached your monthly customers / suppliers limit). For each failed attempt, the organization's administrator will receive an e-mail notification. Failed attempts can be due to transactions rush hour, so there i no need to take action if your account (or credit card) has balance and isn't expired.

However, if you receive this notice three times, it means that the system was unable to make renewal and your account has been downgraded to our free plan (you will be notified via e-mail for this incident, as well).

In this case, it means that you need to renew your subscription manually, following these steps:

  1. From your user menu (top right) select "Subscription".
  2. Press the "Cancel Subscription" button (active before the organization's downgrade to the free plan, ie. Before the 3 failed attempts).
  3. Select plan and billing cycle.
  4. Select a payment method (Viva, PayPal, Braintree).
  5. Proceed with the purchase with the new/existing account (card), provided that there is available balance.