With Elorus, you have the ability to issue estimates to your clients, by following the same process when issuing sales documents. (See related article)

While an estimate is in a draft state you can edit it. In case you click on the "Export PDF" button, the system will display the following message:


This happened because the estimate might not be in its final form and the system attempts to deter you from handing it to your customer. In many cases, the user who created estimates is not the same person who's responsible for sending them to the customers. Furthermore, if you attempt to email it, Elorus will display the following message:



Estimates have several useful functionalities that we'll discuss in this article.

When an estimate is in an "Issued" state, this means that it is official and ready to be sent to your client. As soon as your client accepts the estimate, you have the ability to convert it into an Invoice by the press of a button. From the estimate's preview page, click on the "Generate Invoice" button and Elorus will automatically create the related document, according to the default document type you have chosen for the sales documents (Invoice, Receipt etc). The sales document will be then found inside the "Manage invoices" page, in a draft state, so you can edit it or send it via email.

Finally, observe how the "Generate invoice" button has turned into "Converted to Invoice". By pressing it, you are being transferred to the invoice's preview page, for even more ease and time saving.


You can easily create Shipping notes and Proforma invoices via the Estimates menu. Click here for instructions.