Cash receipts may come in a printable form, just like other documents. You can create a PDF file ready to print / send, suitable for all types of receipts. 

When a cash receipt corresponds to a certain document, then the printout theme, language, logo etc. will result from the relevant document theme settings. Hence, if a document is in Bulgarian then its cash receipt will also be in Bulgarian.

If a receipt is not associated with a document (e.g. advance payment) then its printout appearance is determined by the default document theme (see more on document themes in the related article). Regarding the printout’s language, the contact’s language is of higher importance than the account’s language. Therefore, if a certain contact has Bulgarian set as default language, then this will be the printout’s language as well, regardless of the relevant account setting.

The PDF link can be found on the details page of each receipt, whereas if associated with a document, you may find it on the document’s preview page.