Depending on your subscription plan you can have more than one user in your company’s account in Elorus. Therefore, your staff or your accountant can access the organization’s data without having to exchange e-mails or hard-copies of documents. In order to manage your company’s users, select “Users” from the user’s popup menu on the right or go to the "Users & invitations" page found inside the Settings menu, on the left. 


The users’ management page is shown in the picture above and from there you can:



  • Invite new users to the company. 
  • Change each user’s role and the roles new users will assume when accepting invitations. 
  • Revoke sent invitations, not yet accepted or delete existing users. 




The application supports 3 user roles, “managers”, “staff” and “partners”. Managers can fully process company data. Staff does not have any access to user management and does not have the authority to add / remove users or alter the roles of existing ones. Also, staff users do not have access to subscription plans; therefore they cannot renew / alter current subscriptions or view payments history. In organization settings staff does not have the authority of altering company settings (e.g. contact details or selected themes) except for settings attached to their personal accounts (e.g. time zone, application language, personal contact details etc). Finally, partners can only view each account’s data since they are not allowed to process or create new records, manage users or organization settings.


New users


When adding a new user, click on the relevant button on the user menu, then enter the user’s contact e-mail address and the role they will assume in the system, as well. Elorus will send them an e-mail, and if they accept, they will be added on the list along with all existing users and gain access to your data.

Regardless of your subscription plan, you may send out unlimited invitations to prospect users. Given, however, that most plans have a limited number of users, in case you reach it, your invitations cannot be accepted unless you upgrade your subscription or remove some users from the list.


Revoke invitation  / user removal


On the lower part of each user there is the “Delete” option. For pending invitations respectively, there is a “Revoke invitation” field. If you check this option and then click “Save changes”, related users will be deleted and the invitations will no longer be available for acceptance.

For users especially, please note that once deleted, will have to go through the invitation process again in case you wish to add them again in the future.


Process completion


Every time you make changes regarding users, after you complete the editing process, click “Save changes” on the bottom of the page in order to be applied. Otherwise, those changes will have no impact whatsoever.