In case an organization’s administrator invites you to sign up and gain access to their company’s account, you will receive an invitation e-mail. Once you click on the unique link found in the e-mail you will be transferred to the invitation page, as shown in the picture below: 

On the page you will notice the invitee’s full name and the organization which you have been invited to join, as well. In case you wish to reject the invitation, you only have to select “No” on the “Accept” field and click “Submit”.

In case you decide to accept the invitation, you will have to choose whether to use an existing or create a new personal account. If you already have a username/password set with which you manage another company, you may use it for the new organization as well. By selecting “No” on the “New user” field appears a form to log in with your account details.

This way it’s not necessary to keep separate Elorus accounts for each company you are a member to.

In case you are a new member you will have to submit your full name, a desired username, a password and your e-mail (you are given the option submit a different e-mail from the one which the invitation was sent to).

To complete the process you will have to click on the “Submit” button on the bottom of the page.

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